The Drd4 Gene 

What is it ?

Present in our DNA, DRD4 is often considered as the adventure gene.

It is actually a dopamine receptor that plays a role in neurological functions like creativity, innovation and motivation. It also has a direct impact on the taste of movement, novelty and adventure.

More concretely, the more developed is the gene, the more people will have a taste for risk, a strong attraction for novelty and a high tolerance to stress.

Why DRD4?

I chose this name because, according to its definition, the gene helps to have certain qualities that are essential for me in the organization of events. It’s also a nod to my decision to quit my full time job to go freelance. It seems that being an entrepreneur takes risks !

Geoffrey Desage

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    7 years

    of experience

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    Spoken languages

    French / English / Spanish

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    Field of expertise :

    Production management

    Operation management


Field of expertise

Production management


Budget Management, Costing and Quote Development


Sourcing, negotiation and management of the providers


Participant and stakeholder management, registrations…

Follow-up and financial report


Operational monitoring (decoration, technical, audiovisual, artists, speakers)

Operation management


Global project monitoring (planning, human resources, equipment)


Schedule Management of the artistic and technical teams


Supervision and coordination of the technical teams and providers


Respect of local regulatory and administrative constraints

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