The Drd4 Gene 

What is it ?

Present in our DNA, DRD4 is often considered as the adventure gene.

It is actually a dopamine receptor that plays a role in neurological functions like creativity, innovation and motivation. It also has a direct impact on the taste of movement, novelty and adventure.

More concretely, the more developed is the gene, the more people will have a taste for risk, a strong attraction for novelty and a high tolerance to stress.

Why DRD4?

I chose this name because, according to its definition, the gene helps to have certain qualities that are essential for me in the organization of events. It’s also a nod to my decision to quit my full time job to go freelance. It seems that being an entrepreneur takes risks !

Geoffrey Desage

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    5 years

    of experience

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    in French and English

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    Field of expertise :

    Production management

    Operation management

Field of expertise

Production management


Budget Management, Costing and Quote Development

Sourcing, negotiation and management of the providers

Participant and stakeholder management, registrations…

Follow-up and financial report

Operational monitoring (decoration, technical, audiovisual, artists, speakers)

Operation management


-Global project monitoring (planning, human resources, equipment)

-Schedule Management of the artistic and technical teams

-Supervision and coordination of the technical teams and providers

-Respect of local regulatory and administrative constraints

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